Kessil Intense LED Grow Light 350W Equivalent Deep Purple

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This LED grow light produces a deep purple color that acts as an all purpose bulb with a bias toward vegetative growth. Highly intense light is 2.5 times brighter.

Kessil Intense LED Grow Light 350W Equivalent Deep Purple


  • Produces 2.5 times the light of the H150 bulbs
  • Draws less than 100 Watts
  • Purple color is great for lighting plants through the entire growth cycle
  • Compact size and easy to hang or attach
  • Produces usable light for plants without the high temperatures, reflectors and ballasts
  • Highly efficient light production that can last 10 times longer than HID bulbs or fluorescent bulbs
  • Color coded lights are easy to mix and match for customizable grow lighting
  • Advanced Thermal Design Innovating heat management system lets these bulbs run efficiently for long periods of time
  • Densely packed high power LED array puts out far more light than competitors

The Kessil Intense LED Grow Lights are designed with growing specifically in mind. They produce specific wavelengths of light that plants need during specific parts of their growing process. These bulbs produce the lighting equivalent of a 350W high intensity discharge bulb while only using a fraction of the power. This requires no ballast, reflector or cooling system and will quickly pay for itself in the savings realized over using the HID bulbs.


The magenta light was designed specifically for plants in the flowering phase of their growth. The unique quad-band wavelength formula mixes 4 different types of red and blue LEDs. It has a heavier emphasis on the red spectrum than purple, therefore great for the early blooming stage.

Deep Purple

The deep purple LED grow light provides a general purpose, special Penta-band recipe that combines 5 different types of red and blue LED chips. This creates a spectrum that works for every stage of a plants growth and acts as a total growth cycle bulb. With a special emphasis on the blue light this light provides excellent vegetative growth as well as blooming potential.


Weight: 4.1 lbs.
Package Dimensions: 12.2L x 7.5W x 5.7H
Voltage: 100-240
Rated Wattage: 90
Warranty: 2 Year

Unit Ship Weight: 5 lbs

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