Kessil S360 Spectral Spinner for Grow Lights

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The Spectral Spinner continuously spins Kessil LED Grow Lights of different colors and purposes. This eliminates hotspots and provides uniform lighting coverage.

Kessil S360 Spectral Spinner for Grow Lights


  • Designed to be used over a 4’ x 4’ growing area
  • Spins continuously to allow light to be spread evenly
  • Eliminates hot spots
  • Provides more uniform growth over the whole area
  • Different color bulbs can be used for a complete lighting array
  • Allows for different spectrums to be mixed and matched for completely customizable light formula

The Spectral Spinner allows the user to attach up to 6 Kessil LED grow lights to the arms and have them continuously spin over a growing area. A spinning light over an area eliminates hot spots and provides uniform lighting on a continuous schedule. This motion helps to replicate natural lighting while using energy efficient LED lights.

The Spectral Spinner allows the user to mix and match different lights with different spectrums, providing plants with a broader span of available light. This versatility provides the user with a high level of customization. For example, the user could mix both purple and blue lights for great vegetative growth, purple and magenta for a truly complete, all season growing light, or magenta and red for excellent blooming and fruiting.



9.5 lbs

Package Dimensions:

15.9L x 13.2W x 5.5H

Unit Ship Weight: 10 lbs

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