Killer Tea Worm Castings and Guano Tea (1 Gal.)

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Killer Tea is made from OMRI worm castings as well as fresh and potent seabird and bat guano. It is highly concentrated and great for fertilizing plants throughout their lifespan. Provides a natural and diverse mixture of nutrients.

Killer Tea Worm Castings and Guano Tea (1 Gal.)


  • Made from the freshest and most potent seabird and bat guanos available
  • High quality OMRI worm castings
  • Highly concentrated and all natural
  • Time-tested and highly effective natural fertilizer
  • Over 2 years spent sourcing and testing ingredients to perfect the mixture
  • Suitable for all hydroponic, NFT, and aeroponic systems
  • Ideal for root cuttings
  • Economic mixture makes tea brewing obsolete
  • NPK ratio: 0.2-0.04-0.1

Killer Tea is designed with bat guano, seabird guano and high quality OMRI worm castings. These ingredients come together to provide a natural and diverse mixture of nutrients that plants can utilize at any stage of growth. Killer tea is a concentrated mixture that is ideal for promoting exceptional growth with any kind of plant.

It is ideal for dipping or drenching the roots of transplanted or bare root plants and is a natural means of fertilizing throughout the plant lifespan. Worm castings, bat guano and seabird guano are all time-tested and highly effective at providing plants with nutrients they can readily absorb and put to use.

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