LaMotte Carbon Dioxide Testing Kit - 7297-DR

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The LaMotte Carbon Dioxide kit is designed to measure the carbon dioxide of aqueous solutions. It features everything needed to begin testing immediately.

LaMotte Carbon Dioxide Testing Kit - 7297-DR

7297-dr-sKit Contains:

  • 15 mL *Phenolphthalein Indicator, 1% - *2246-E
  • 60 mL *Carbon Dioxide Reagent B - *4253DR-H
  • 1 Direct Reading Titrator, 0-50 Range - 0380
  • 1 Test Tube, 5-10-12.9-15-20-25 mL, glass, w/cap - 0608
  • Note: Any materials marked with an * may be hazardous to your health and should be handled with care. 

This kit is designed to measure the carbon dioxide levels in aqueous solutions with the use of a direct reading titrator. The carbon dioxide level of water is extremely important for plant and animal life in water and should be monitored closely.

Test Procedure:

1. Fill test tube (0608) to 20 mL line with sample water. NOTE: For best results test on freshly obtained sample, and avoid splashing or prolonged contact with air.
2. Add 2 drops of *Phenolphthalein Indicator, 1% (2246). If solution remains colorless, proceed to Step 3. If solution turns red, no free carbon dioxide is present.
3. Fill Direct Reading Titrator (0380) with *Carbon Dioxide Reagent B (4253DR). Insert Titrator into center hole of titration tube cap.
4. While gently swirling the tube, add *Carbon Dioxide Reagent B (4253DR), one drop at a time, until a faint pink color is produced and persists for 30 seconds. Read test result directly from the scale where the large ring on the Titrator meets the Titrator barrel. Record as ppm Carbon Dioxide.

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