LaMotte Earth Force® Advanced Water Monitoring Kit – 5884-01

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This test kit includes multiple water test factor kits to provide professional and accurate water quality readings. Great for developing deeper understandings of test procedures in students grades 7 and up.

LaMotte Earth Force® Advanced Water Monitoring Kit – 5884-01


  • Contains all the LaMotte water quality test kits featured and supported in The Field Manual for Water Quality Monitoring (12th edition) by Mark Mitchell and William Stapp
  • This field manual is a standard text for school-based water quality monitoring programs in schools around the world
  • Test kits included:
    • Dissolved oxygen (5860)
    • Precision pH (5858)
    • Phosphate (3121)
    • Auxiliary Phosphate (7884)
    • Nitrate – Nitrogen (3110)
    • Turbidity (7519)
    • Thermometer (1066)
    • Field Manual For Water Quality Monitoring (Mitchell & Stapp)
  • Recommended for grades 7 and up

The Advanced Water Monitoring kit includes multiple testing kits to professionally test specific water quality factors with highly accurate results. This advanced kit accurately tests 7 critical test factors and also includes the Field Manual For Water Quality Monitoring (Mitchell & Stapp). This kit is great for developing a deeper understanding of water quality testing methods and the reasons for these tests.

It is designed for students in grades 7 and up and can be used to test water in lakes, ponds, streams and bogs as well as drinking water and run-off. The next generation of students needs to have a strong understanding of water testing procedures and this kit accomplishes just that.

Unit Ship Weight: 20 lbs

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