LaMotte Plankton Net 12” Diameter Mouth – 0023

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This plankton net features very small mesh to collect plankton while allowing water to drain. It has a conical shape and a stainless steel ring to keep the mouth open.

LaMotte Plankton Net 12” Diameter Mouth – 0023


  • Collects small plankton quickly and easily
  • 10 mesh, 153 micron nylon cloth
  • Clear, conical tube attached at end of the net allows plankton viewing
  • Net mouth braced by a sturdy stainless steel ring and harness

This plankton net allows the user to easily collect plankton by simply dragging the net through the water behind a boat. It features very small mesh sizes that trap the plankton while allowing the water to flow through. The rugged net is kept open by a stainless steel ring which is connected to a single round connector.


  • 38” (96.5cm) tall
  • 12” (30.4cm) diameter mouth

Unit Ship Weight: 2 lbs

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