LaMotte Salt Water Field Sampling and Measurement Outfit - 1069

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This field sampling and measurement outfit is designed for use in salt water or fresh water and is great for sampling and measurement applications pertaining to education or study.

LaMotte Salt Water Field Sampling and Measurement Outfit - 1069

A necessity for any salt water field sampling effort.

This kit provides everything needed for salt water field sampling and various measurements as well. This is a valuable tool for educational purposes relating to marine wildlife and testing as it includes tools for gathering plankton, recovering samples from the bottom and a thermometer. The entire outfit comes in a protective carrying case which keeps the components clean, protected and organized. 

Kit Includes:



Stainless Steel Bottom Sampling Dredge


Plankton Net


Sounding Lead and Calibrated Line


Armored Thermometer


Water Sampling Bottle


Forel-Ule Color Comparator Kit


White Secchi Disk


This kit covers the basics of salt water sampling and can be used for fresh water applications as well. The plankton net is designed with a very fine mesh that can be used for sampling very small aquatic life. The stainless steel bottom sampling dredge allows the user to reach down and obtain bottom dwelling samples without having to physically reach into water.

Unit Ship Weight: 10 lbs

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