LaMotte Secchi Disk with Calibrated Line – 0171-CL

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This Secchi Disk helps to determine the turbidity or visibility of deeper waters. It comes with a calibrated line and is weighted. Great for rivers, lakes, deep ponds and the ocean.

LaMotte Secchi Disk with Calibrated Line – 0171-CL


  • Determines the turbidity or degree of visibility in natural waters
  • Weighted 20 cm disk with black and white sections
  • Comes with braided line marked every half-meter up to 20 meters
  • Tried and true way to determine turbidity in relatively deep water

This disk is designed to provide a visible point to watch as the disk is lowered into water. It is used to measure turbidity by slowly lowering the disk into water. As the disk goes deeper it becomes less visible and the turbidity of the water can start to be seen.

When the disk becomes invisible then the depth marked by the calibrated line gives a reading of the turbidity and visibility of the water. This simple method has been used for years and is a great way to test deeper waters.

Unit Ship Weight: 7 lbs

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