LaMotte SMART Spectro Spectrophotometer – 2000-02

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This Spectrophotometer is a portable and easy to use device that is more accurate than anything in its price range. Includes 80 pre-programmed tests and 25 user calibrations. Comes complete and ready to use. With USB. 

LaMotte SMART Spectro Spectrophotometer – 2000-02


  • Portable spectrophotometer is easy to use and more accurate than anything in its price range
  • Over 80 pre-programmed tests included and 25 user calibrations can be entered into the memory
  • User can customize sequences for frequently run tests
  • Wide wavelength range of 350 to 1000nm
  • Superior accuracy of ±2 nm continuous accuracy

Advanced Features:

  • A wider wavelength range than competitors
  • Menu-driven display
  • Automatic wavelength selection
  • Unique optical design system using a 1200 lines/mm grating
  • Greater accuracy, higher resolution
  • The SMART Spectro comes with:
    • 6 sample tubes (25mm round)
    • 2 sample cell holders (25mm round and COD, 10mm cuvettes)
    • AC adapter
    • Battery charger
    • Instruction manual including test procedures
    • Quick start guides
    • USB included

This Spectrophotometer is designed to measure the wavelength of light passing through a sample. It is used to measure the light transmittance or reflectance of solutions. The amount of light that passes through the solution is indicative of the concentration of certain chemicals that do not allow light to pass through. A spectrophotometer is able to determine, depending on the control or calibration of the machine, what substances are present in a target and the exact concentrations.

This spectrophotometer comes complete in a protective carrying case and is ready to go out of the box. It is great for use in laboratory settings and comes with the necessary sampling material as well as detailed instructions for use.


Wavelength Range:

350-1000 nm

Wavelength Accuracy:

±2 nm

Wavelength Resolution:

1 nm

Wavelength Bandwidth:

5 nm (max)

Photometric Range:

0-125%T, -0.1-2.5A

Photometric Accuracy:


Photometric Stray Light:


Light Source:

Quartz halogen

Sample Chambers:

25 mm round cell, 10 mm square cuvette UDV, COD

Optical Mount:

Modified Ebert, 1200 grooves/mm ruled grating


Conc., %T, ABS


110/220 volt or battery pack (rechargeable)


4.65 kg (10.3 lbs)


35 cm x 28 cm x 17 cm

Unit Ship Weight: 11 lbs

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