LaMotte Soil Texture Lab Classroom Study – 5966

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This classroom study focuses on soil texture and separates the sand, silt and clay fractions of a known soil sample. Includes teachers manual and everything needed such as lesson plans.

LaMotte Soil Texture Lab Classroom Study – 5966

Separate the sand, silt, and clay fractions of a known soil sample


  • Teachers manual
  • Introductory information
  • Student procedures/data sheets (for reproduction)
  • Apparatus and reagents for 5 teams to perform 5 demonstrations each (or a total of 25 demonstrations)
  • Soil samples for all soil units
  • Reagent composition information
  • Lesson plans

This lab package is designed to reinforce key concepts introduced with lecture materials on environmental studies of water and soil. The teacher manual includes tips on organizing the lab demonstration, introductory information on testing each factor and suggestions for additional experiments to broaden the students understanding even further.

Note: Recommended for grades 5-8, minimum order quantity of 2.

Unit Ship Weight: 5 lbs

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