LaMotte Soil Texture Test Unit – 1067

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The soil texture test unit allows students to gain a better understanding of soil composition and quality. It contains necessary testing equipment and instructions.

LaMotte Soil Texture Test Unit – 1067


  • Great tool for testing and demonstrating different soil textures and properties
  • Students can test from the schoolyard or compare soil samples brought from home
  • Includes everything needed to test the soil texture
  • Also includes detailed instructions for proper testing methods

Soil texture is a quick way to determine the suitability of a soil for growing and other applications. Soil texture is a qualitative tool that can be further clarified by separating the relative proportions of sand, silt and clay.

The soil texture is a great way to analyze and approximate the soils responses to environmental and management conditions such as drought or the addition of calcium (lime). This kit is a great way to introduce students to soil health and composition.

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