LaMotte TEACH Water Test Strip Kit – 5927

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This kit helps students to understand key factors to water quality. It includes 50 test strips for key factors to water quality as well as a TEACH handbook which has instructions and other helpful material.

LaMotte TEACH Water Test Strip Kit – 5927


  • Combination pack of test strips helps to develop an early understanding of drinking water quality
  • Package includes one vial each (50 test strips) of:
    • Alkalinity
    • Chlorine
    • Hardness
    • pH
    • Nitrate/Nitrite
  • Ideal for municipal and well water investigation
  • Also included is the new handbook TEACH:
    • Instructions for the use of each test strip: Alkalinity, chlorine, copper, hardness, iron, nitrate, nitrite and pH
    • Helpful resources
    • Top 10 educational websites for additional support material
    • Suggested activities regarding water treatment, groundwater information and drinking water

This kit is designed to educate students on the key factors involved in drinking water quality. It includes test strips that provide 50 tests for each factor. These test strips are easy to use and non-hazardous and help students to gain an understanding of water quality testing. Included with this kit is the TEACH water handbook that provides instructions on testing each factor as well as helpful resources, educational websites and suggested activities to expand testing to water treatment and groundwater information.

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