LaMotte Water Quality Educator and Monitoring Outfit - 5870-01

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This educational water quality monitoring outfit is designed to help educate students grades 5 and up on water quality test factors and procedures. Comes with handbook and CD for a complete outfit.

LaMotte Water Quality Educator and Monitoring Outfit - 5870-01

Water quality monitoring study for grades 5 and up.

Outfit includes tests for:

Test Factor

Range (# Tests)

Kit Code


pH 3.0-10.5 (100)



0-15 ppm (50)



0-2.0 ppm (50)


Dissolved Oxygen

0-10.0 ppm (50)


Alkalinity, total

0-200 ppm (50)



0-200 JTU (50)



-5° to 45°C


This Water Quality Educator and Monitoring Kit includes kits for 7 critical water quality test factors including pH, Nitrate-nitrogen, Phosphate, Dissolved oxygen, Alkalinity (total), Turbidity and Temperature. Each test factor can be tested 50 times with the exception of pH that can be tested 100 times. This outfit allows an educator to develop a water quality monitoring study with students grade 5 and up.

Lesson plans for grades 5-8 and 9-12 are also available in PDF form above.

Included is The Monitor’s Handbook: A Reference Guide for Natural Water Monitoring

This 64 page reference guide is for both beginners and veterans of water quality analysis in natural aquatic systems. This handbook provides a comprehensive overview of monitoring streams, lakes, rivers and estuaries. It contains information about physical, biological and chemical factors and analytical procedures.

It includes all information needed to establish a water quality monitoring program, and to interpret and understand the results obtained. The basics of waterway surveys, program planning, data analysis and reporting are also described.

Included is The Water Quality Educator CD ROM (PC or MAC)

This provides step-by-step instructions for water quality test procedures using LaMotte test kits and sampling equipment. This interactive CD allows students to individually review the how-to instructions. Visual and verbal information is given via Quick Time animations and still photos.

This pre-lab activity prepares students for water and quality testing in the field or classroom, and the material can be reviewed as often as needed. The CD provides benchmark data for each test factor which enables the comparison of results. Students enter data and receive information on the type of water quality indicated as well as typical cause and effects of higher and lower levels, including macro invertebrate bioassessment.

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