LaMotte Watershed Tour – 5419

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The Watershed Tour brings students on a virtual testing field trip to different parts of a watershed, from the headwaters to the mouth of the river. Great for introducing students to stream and river ecosystems.

LaMotte Watershed Tour – 5419


  • Introduces students to stream and river ecosystems
  • Classroom-based tour of a virtual watershed
  • Geared toward students in grades 4-8
  • Designed for teachers who are unable to visit a stream with their students
  • Students learn about stream ecology, water quality issues and their own connection to a watershed
  • Utilizes a week long series of hands-on TesTab tablet tests, games and activities
  • Students will “test” 4 stations along a river continuum – from the headwaters to the mouth of the river as it enters the estuary
  • This allows students to study how the river changes and how human activities can influence water quality
  • Includes lecture materials, illustrated handouts, teacher’s tips, test procedures, TesTab reagents, data sheets and games
  • Includes enough TesTab reagents and test tubes for 30 students in groups

The Watershed Tour is the best way a teacher can demonstrate water testing and watershed study without actually going to a river or stream. Students take on a virtual watershed study where they “test” water in 4 different locations along the virtual river.

This introduces students to the changes found along a watershed and demonstrates how man has influenced water sources. This tour educates students about stream ecology, water quality issues and their own connection to a watershed. Included is everything needed for testing along with instructions, data sheets and games. It is recommended for students in grades 4-8.

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