Lazy Gardener Automatic Watering Device 10” – 12” (Pack of 3)

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This innovative device keeps roots efficiently watered with water vapor while keeping the root zone at an optimal growing temperature. Requires very little maintenance.

Lazy Gardener Automatic Watering Device 10” – 12” (Pack of 3)


  • Innovate self-watering system provides ideal growing conditions
  • Instead of water, it delivers water vapor which is the most efficient form of irrigation
  • Eliminates over watering
  • Reduces water use up to 90%
  • All the user needs is a power source and a water reservoir (not included)
  • Root-zone warming keeps plants happy and temperatures consistent
  • Thermostatic heating element uses just 7 watts of electricity while maintaining an optimal sub-surface growing temperature
  • Provides root-zone aeration

The Lazy Gardener Automatic Watering Device uses a thermostatic heating element and a moisture delivery wick to gently provide water vapor to plant roots. This is the most efficient and effective way to water plants while keeping the root-zone warm. Simply plug the device into an outlet, place the wick end into a water reservoir (not included) and watch the plants grow.

This system eliminates overwatering and at the same time can save up to 90% of the water typically used in standard watering systems. This system is the automatic, easy way to keep plants watered and warm, only requiring periodic refilling of the reservoir.

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