LED Complete Hydroponic Growth Chamber

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This fully enclosed, completely controlled growth chamber is ideal for year round growing. It features a full spectrum LED light and a floating raft hydroponic system.

LED Complete Hydroponic Growth Chamber 




  • Fully enclosed, sterile environment cultivation provides completely controlled growth
  • Daily electricity consumption is less than 1 kWh
  • Uses a full spectrum LED light for efficient lighting with very low wasted light energy
  • Floating raft hydroponic system with a 32-cell Styrofoam tray
  • Digital display featurse a clock, controls the light period on/off settings, and controls the air pump with 3 pre-programmed settings
  • Air pump supplies air to the air stone in the nutrient solution which keeps everything oxygenated
  • Removes any detrimental growth factors such as insects, molds, wind and dry soil
  • Harvest time is reduced by approximately 30%
  • 2 growth chambers can be stacked for efficient space utilization

The LED Growth Chamber is designed to completely control the growth of your plants. It eliminates all detrimental environmental factors such as insects, high winds, molds, and much more. Plants are provided with everything they need to thrive and harvest come approximately 30% quicker with this growing system. The built-in LED light provides a full spectrum in an extremely efficient way with minimal heat build up.


The 5 gallon (20L) capacity water tank is constantly oxygenated with an air pump and air stone and provides constant, steady irrigation for your plants. The Growth Chamber features 32 growth sites and is ideal for germinating and growing seedlings. A digital display featurse a clock, controls the light period on/off settings, and controls the air pump with 3 pre-programmed settings.


The simple, highly efficient operation of this growth chamber allows the user to grow plants year round or get a jump on their growing season. It utilizes BPA-free, food grade plastics and stainless steel SUS304 material for corrosion resistance and has no nitrate residue.


Growth Chamber Includes:


  • 100-240Vac power adaptor
  • 32-cell Styrofoam plant starter basin
  • Quick installation guide
  • 54 watt LED panel
  • Seed starting tray and dome
  • Spray bottle
  • Nutrient dropper
  • Plug tongs
  • 40 grow sponges
  • Sample nutrients



  • Power: AC 100-240, 50-60Hz
  • Power consumption: 56 watts @ 110Vac
  • Package Dimensions: 37.4L x 22.5W x 26.0H

Unit Ship Weight: 63 lbs

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