Leonard 70lb Broadcast Spreader with Deflector

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This spreader is ideal for use with ice melters, rock salt, and turf fertilizers and features a stainless steel, removable deflector shield. Includes a free hopper cover for all-weather use!

Leonard 70lb Broadcast Spreader with Deflector




  • Single port hopper design is durable and effective
  • Ideal for use with ice melters, bagged rock salt, turf fertilizers and more
  • Stainless steel 3-sided, removable shield reduces the spread pattern for more targeted applications such as ice melting only on sidewalks
  • 13" diameter pneumatic tires and self-lubricating gears provide reliable operation over practically any terrain
  • Instant open thumb latch mechanism for easy one-handed filling
  • Powder coated frame is weather resistant and durable
  • Dial type rate gate adjustment provides excellent flow rate control
  • Rust proof poly rims are unaffected by moisture, salts and fertilizers
  • Comes partially assembled with a free hopper cover included

The Leonard 70lb Broadcast Spreader is designed for multiple spreading applications. It features a removable stainless steel deflector that prevents over-spreading. This is ideal for more targeted uses such as applying ice melters or salt to an icy sidewalk or path. The deflector can be removed and the spreading pattern is instantly increased.


The entire unit is powered by the turning motion of the 2 pneumatic wheels so the faster the spreader is pushed the faster it spreads. It features a rate controlling dial and a free hopper cover. Ice melters, rock salt, turf fertilizers and powdered material can all be spread with this spreader and the poly tire rims resist corrosion and leakage better than some metal versions.


Unit Ship Weight: 24 lbs

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