Leonard Forged Bow Rake w/ Heavy Wall Fiberglass Handle

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This bow rake features a 16" wide forged head that is securely welded onto the heavy duty socket. The weather-proof fiberglass handle is riveted to the head for the strongest possible hold.

Leonard Forged Bow Rake w/ Heavy Wall Fiberglass Handle



  • 16" wide head is welded onto the 14 gauge socket for secure, durable raking
  • Heavy duty socket is riveted all the way through the handle for the strongest possible hold
  • High strength heavy wall fiberglass handle with a solid core at the rivited handle connection to the head
  • Extremely durable, lightweight, and weather-proof handle
  • Curved tines are ideal for pulling and digging deep into hard-packed soil and debris
  • The flat top on the head of the rake is ideal for smoothing, evening and finishing a raked area as well as smoothing concrete
  • Ideal for raking soil, rock, concrete, and practically any other debris

This heavy duty forged rake is ideal for the heaviest raking applications. The heavy duty head is ideal for deep raking and breaking up tough soil as well as pusing or pulling heavy debris. The back of the head is perfectly flat to allow the user to smooth or even a surface out.


A heavy-duty fiberglass handle is attached to the head with a rivet that is driven straight through. This provides the strongest, tightest hold for what can often be a problem area for rakes. The handle is completely solid where the head is attached for added strength and hollowed out where the hand grips are for a lighter weight.


Unit Ship Weight: 5 lbs

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