Leonard Stainless Steel Soil Tool

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This soil tool is ideal for planting any kind of bulb, seed, transplant and much more. Stainless steel construction with depth markers, a serrated cutting edge, and a straight cutting edge.

Leonard Stainless Steel Soil Tool


  • 7" stainless steel blade
  • Overall length of 13"
  • 1 1/8" wide spading tip is ideal for digging and cutting roots
  • Serrated edge easily cuts through tough roots and breaks up soil
  • Straight edge is ideal for cleanly separating and removing plants from peat pots as well as cutting soft roots and sod
  • Depth markers up the blade indicate exact depths for precision planting
  • Ergonomic, curved handle is 6" long and provides excellent digging power
  • Stainless steel construction will not corrode or degrade from moisture, fertilizers, or soil exposure

The Leonard Stainless Steel Soil Tool is the ideal planting tool for bulbs, transplants, seeds and peat potted seedlings. It features a 7" long stainless steel blade that resists corrosion and retains its strength over years of use. The blade features a flat, sharp spading tip that is ideal for digging and removing soil from holes. It features both a serrated edge and a straight edge that easily cut tough sod, roots, pots, and breaks up hard-packed soil.


Down the length of the blade are soil depth markers for precision digging and definite bulb or seed placement. The 6" long, 1 1/4" diameter handle provides excellent grip and is curved to provide better digging torque. The handle is slightly longer than other garden utensils to allow for 2 handed use when necessary. Finally, a knuckle guard is built into the handle to protect hands when performing low angle digging or scraping.


Unit Ship Weight: 2 lbs

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