Leonard Steel Planting Bar with 11in x 3.5in Pointed Blade

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The Leonard Steel Planting Bar is an all-steel tool designed for creating holes for seedlings quickly and easily. It is 39" long with an 11" x 3.5" pointed blade for easy soil penetration.

Leonard Steel Planting Bar with 11” x 3.5” Pointed Blade




  • Increases seedling plant efficiency and speed
  • Heavy duty all steel construction is nearly unbreakable
  • Pointed blade shape and 9 lb weight makes ground penetration easy
  • Full 1” thick step allows the user even more leverage and penetrating ability
  • The blade is 11” x 3.5” allowing the user to plant at depths acceptable for most seedlings
  • Strong 12 gauge welded steel handle
  • Smooth powder coat finish resists corrosion and is bright orange for high visibility
  • 27” handle length, 39” overall length
  • Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty

The Leonard Planting Bar is an all-steel tool designed to easily penetrate soils of all kinds. It features a T-grip at the top and a full 1” wide step above the blade. This design allows the user to put a huge amount of force onto the blade and make seedling holes quickly and easily.


The blade is pointed on the end to allow for easier deep hole digging and is a full 11” long. The entire tool is coated in a smooth powder coat finish that is bright orange for high visibility.


Unit Ship Weight: 10 lbs

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