Light Rail 5 Light Movement System Full Kit

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The light rail light movement system is a great way of optimizing lighting efficiency and plant growth. It physically moves the light along a rail to add more coverage.

Light Rail 5 Light Movement System Full Kit

Moves light back and forth giving plants better coverage and better spacing


  • Increase light coverage
  • Maximize lighting potential
  • Increase plants grown by a single bulb
  • Replicates natural light movement that plants are used to
  • Reduced risk of burning plants with hot lights
  • Great for large operations and expanding small operations

The Light Rail 5 light movement system is designed to increase the light coverage over a certain plant as well as the total light coverage area. This movement provides an increased coverage area for light fixtures increasing the growth potential for each bulb.

Moving the light source for indoor plants is a great way to replicate natural growing conditions while changing the angle of light hitting the plants. This provides a more uniform lighting of each plant helping them to have uniform growth instead of just the top leaves.

A 1000w bulb with 1000w ballast placed a foot away from a plant will closely replicate the sun provided at the equator at noon time. This highly intense light can be too much for certain plant types and can be optimized by a slow light rail system.

The light rail system is a great investment for indoor growers and can increase efficiency and effectiveness of any operation.

This system includes:

  • 4 R.P.M. motor for slow steady light movement
  • Crossbar for holding lights and reflectors
  • 8’ rail providing movements back and forth of 8 feet

This system can be expanded through additional rail segments and kits depending on personal needs.

Unit Ship Weight: 40 lbs

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