Little Wonder Debris & Leaf Shredder Truck Loader (14 hp)

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The Little Wonder Debris & Leaf Shredder is designed to suck up leaves and other debris, shred them into small pieces, and deposit the remains into a truck, trailer or pile. Multiple mounting options will work for almost anyone.

Little Wonder Debris & Leaf Shredder Truck Loader (14 hp)




  • Sucks up leaves and other debris, shreds it, and dispenses it into a truck, trailer, or pile
  • Allows the user to quickly clean up large piles of leaves and debris and create a mulch that takes up less space and can be used in compost piles
  • Rugged, heavy gauge, all-steel construction
  • Exclusive shredding Talon ring and advanced impeller design
    • 5 blade, 14” wide impeller
  • Multiple mounting options:
    • Skid
    • Swing-away
    • Receiver hitch
    • Tailgate
  • 14 horsepower Subaru Engine
  • 8” intake hose
  • Low oil sensor, remote oil drain, dual stage air cleaner

The Little Wonder Leaf & Debris Truck Loader is designed to suck, shred, and deposit leaves and other debris. It features a 5 blade, 14” impeller that draws in the debris quickly, shreds it into much smaller pieces, and deposits the mulch into the back of a truck, onto a trailer, or simply into a pile.


The Little Wonder features multiple mounting options such as a simple skid, swing-away, receiver hitch, and tailgate placement. This powerful shredding/blowing device features a powerful 14 horsepower Subaru engine and has an 8” intake hose. Leaves and debris are not only cleaned up but transformed into fine mulch that can be used in compost piles or simply removed from the area.


Available Variations:


  • 14 hp Subaru Engine (AML-8141)
  • 16 hp Briggs Vanguard Engine (AML-8180)
  • 22 hp Kohler Engine (AML-8221)



  • 14 hp Subaru EX 40 enging
  • 8” x 10’ intake hose
  • 5-blade 14” wide impeller

Unit Ship Weight: 300 lbs

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