Little Wonder Debris & Leaf Shredder Truck Loader (22 hp)

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The Little Wonder Debris & Leaf Shredder is designed to suck up leaves and other debris, shred them into small pieces, and deposit the remains into a truck, trailer or pile. Multiple mounting options will work for almost anyone.

Little Wonder Debris & Leaf Shredder Truck Loader (22 hp)




  • Sucks up leaves and other debris, shreds it, and dispenses it into a truck, trailer, or pile
  • Allows the user to quickly clean up large piles of leaves and debris and create a mulch that takes up less space and can be used in compost piles
  • Rugged, heavy gauge, all-steel construction
  • Exclusive shredding Talon ring and advanced impeller design
    • 5 reverse-incline blade, 19” wide impeller
  • Multiple mounting options:
    • Skid
    • Swing-away
    • Receiver hitch
    • Tailgate
  • 22 horsepower Kohler Command Pro Engine
  • 12” intake hose
  • Low oil sensor, remote oil drain, dual stage air cleaner

The Little Wonder Leaf & Debris Truck Loader is designed to suck, shred, and deposit leaves and other debris. It features a 5 reverse-incline blade, 19” impeller that draws in the debris quickly, shreds it into much smaller pieces, and deposits the mulch into the back of a truck, onto a trailer, or simply into a pile.


The Little Wonder features multiple mounting options such as a simple skid, swing-away, receiver hitch, and tailgate placement. This powerful shredding/blowing device features a powerful 22 horsepower Kohler engine and has a 12” intake hose. Leaves and debris are not only cleaned up but transformed into fine mulch that can be used in compost piles or simply removed from the area.


Available Variations:


  • 14 hp Subaru Engine (AML-8141)
  • 16 hp Briggs Vanguard Engine (AML-8180)
  • 22 hp Kohler Engine (AML-8221)



  • 22 hp Kohler Command Pro engine
  • 12” x 10’ intake hose
  • 5 reverse-incline blade 19” wide impeller

Unit Ship Weight: 500 lbs

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