Low Tunnel Clear Slitted Plastic 0.8 mil (6’ x 1000’)

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This clear, slitted film is ideal for low tunnels and season extension. It features slits to provide automatic ventilation and allows planting up to 10 days earlier than without. Great for practically any row crop.

Low Tunnel Clear Slitted Plastic 0.8 mil (6’ x 1000’)




  • Ideal for early production of many vegetable crops
  • Creates a greenhouse effect around plants on a smaller scale
  • Designed to be installed over wire hoops spaced approximately 4 feet apart
  • Protects plants from cold weather and frosts, with frost protection of 2-4 degrees
  • Biggest benefit is the increased daytime solar heating
  • A row of slits along each side of the tunnel provides for excellent ventilation
  • Great for season extension and protection from damaging winds
  • Generally left over plants for 3-4 weeks, protecting them while small and vulnerable
  • Slits and perforations provide daytime ventilation and provide more ventilation than perforated films
  • Perforated films provide highest heat retention
  • Excellent for tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, melons and many other crops
  • Allows for planting approximately 10 days earlier than without a cover

This clear, slitted row cover is designed for season extension and plant protection. It is made with clear film that is slitted to provide automatic ventilation. This means that no daily removal or ventilation equipment is required to keep plants healthy.


This low tunnel film is designed for use over small, vulnerable crops early in the season and is typically supported by wire hoops. The edges are typically covered by dirt to “seal” the low tunnel to the ground and provide an anchor for the film. Solar warming occurs during the daytime and moderate frost protection is afforded during the night.


Plants are subjected to less wind and environmental hazards and are given a warmer and more protected start to their lives. It is ideal for practically any row crop that could use a safer or warmer start.


Installation Tips:


  • Space hoops about 4 feet apart to prevent covers from sagging
  • Apply covers on a calm day
  • Pull the cover taut and secure the edges with soil
  • Machines are available for hoop and cover installation
  • To prevent weed growth under the cover, install the cover right along the edges of the black plastic mulch

Crops that are suited for slitted/perforated row covers:


  • Vegetables -- Warm season and cool season transplant crops
  • Small fruits -- Strawberries in matted row culture
  • Cut flowers

Note: The results from the use of slitted or perforated row covers on various crops will vary, but in general all crops will benefit. The primary precaution is to provide extra ventilation when there are daytime spikes in temperature. Drip irrigation and plastic mulch are recommended as part of the growing system.


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