MagiCal Magnesium and Calcium Supplement (20 Liter)

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MagiCal is a highly enriched blend of magnesium and calcium that is easily utilized by plants. It promotes vigorous and healthy plant growth and eliminates a number of diseases including chlorosis. Great for hydroponics or soil.

MagiCal Magnesium and Calcium Supplement (20 Liter)




  • Highly enriched formulation of magnesium and calcium
  • Promotes vigorous and healthy plant growth
  • Increases flower bud absorption and improves nutritional quality of harvests
  • Reduces leaf chlorosis and deficiency-related disorders such as:
    • Grape stem rot
    • Grass tetany 
    • Tip burn in lettuce
    • Blackheart in celery
    • Blossom end rot in tomato or watermelon
    • Bitter pit in apple
  • Accelerates protein synthesis in plants
  • Maintains high starch content in crops
  • Improves the density of fruit and the production of essential oils
  • Creates lush, green foliage
  • Maintains a healthy root system
  • Completely soluble and ideal for hydroponic or soil-based growth
  • Provides a readily available source of calcium and magnesium
  • NPK ratio: 2-0-0

This formulation provides a great source of easily utilized calcium and magnesium to plants. It helps to eliminate calcium and magnesium deficiencies and helps to eliminate diseases such as grape stem rot, grass tetany, tip burn in lettuce, blackheart in celery, blossom end rot in tomato or watermelon, and bitter pits in apples. In addition it helps to eliminate the yellowing of leaves known as chlorosis.


MagiCal helps to promote vigorous and healthy plant growth and improves the nutritional quality of harvests. Calcium is essential for the healthy growth of plant cells and an abundance of it allows plants to grow to their full potential. This formula is completely soluble and is ideal for hydroponics or soil-based growth.


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