MaxiBloom Dry Nutrient Concentrate (50 lbs)

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This dry concentrated fertilizer is designed to promote excellent blooms and fruits. It provides plants with high levels of phosphorus and potassium with a shot of nitrogen. NPK ratio of 5-15-14.

MaxiBloom Dry Nutrient Concentrate (50 lbs)


  • Encourages the growth of fruits and flowers
  • Stimulates rapid growth throughout the blooming stage of plants
  • NPK ratio: 5-15-14
  • Dry concentrated nutrient is soluble in water and can be used with hydroponic and soil based operations
  • Comes in an easy to carry, move and access tub
  • Provides plants with high amounts of nitrogen and potassium for excellent vegetative and structural growth

This dry nutrient concentrate is formulated to boost the blooming and fruiting of plants. It concentrates on providing high amounts of phosphorus and potassium to encourage excellent blooming and fruiting. Plants have access to the nutrients they need to produce blooms and fruit with superior taste, smell and color. It comes in a dry form that is soluble and easy for the plant to absorb. It is supplied in a 50 lb tub that is easy to move and keeps the fertilizer dry while not in use.

Unit Ship Weight: 53 lbs

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