MaxiCrop Seaweed Extract Plus Iron (1 Gal.)

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This seaweed extract promotes healthy root and stem growth and includes a boost of easily utilized iron. This helps to prevent and cure chlorosis or the yellowing of plant leaves. Great for use as a foliar spray and root drenching.

MaxiCrop Seaweed Extract Plus Iron (1 Gal.)




  • Unique combination of pure seaweed extract with 2% Iron
  • Easy to use liquid form of iron allows plants quick utilization
  • Helps to prevent yellowing of leaves (chlorosis), especially in acid-low (calcifuge) plants
  • Great for use as a foliar spray or as a root drenching liquid
  • Made from pure seaweed extracts
  • Helps to initiate and stimulate cell growth along with root and stem production
  • Improves soil microbial health
  • Includes a wide variety of minerals, nutrients, amino acids and vitamins
  • NPK ratio: 0.1-0-1

This seaweed extract contains an easily utilized liquid iron supplement along with the minerals and nutrients contained in the seaweed. This formula promotes healthy cellular growth in plants and promotes improved root and stem growth.


The iron in this formula is easily utilized by the plant and helps to promote healthy chlorophyll production. Chlorosis, or the yellowing of the leaves, can be cured or prevented by using this formula. It is great for indoor and outdoor plants and helps plants to resist stresses such as frost, pests, drought and more.


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