Maxijet Adjustable 360 Degree Sprayer Spike - 25 count

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A small, adjustable irrigation system with a mounted spray head on a 5 in stake. Adjustable from drip to gentle stream watering.

Maxijet Adjustable 360 Degree Sprayer Spikes


  • Pack of 25
  • 5 inch spike length
  • 36"  flexible vinyl supply tube with barb
  • Black
  • Operating pressures of 5-35 psi
  • Adjustable flow between .5 and 10 gph
  • Side entry connection and break-off barb adapter
  • Barb for direct attachment to feeder and supply lines
  • 8 stream 360 degree spray pattern

An adjustable slow watering system attachment that can be used as a dripper and adjusts to spray in a 1-3 ft diameter by turning the top dial. Suitable for irrigation of trees, shrubs, potted plants, garden beds, landscaped gardens and nurseries. Place beneath shrubs or other plant leaves to avoid wetting of foliage.

Ideal for hanging baskets.

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