McLeod Tool 6 Tines with 48in Handle

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This rugged tool accomplishes the jobs of a rake, hoe, scraper, cultivator and weeder. With 6 over sized tines and multiple flat edges.

McLeod Tool 6 Tines with 48” Handle


  • Multiple use tool can clear brush, grade, rake, scrape, grub and tamp
  • Ideal for garden use as a weeder and cultivator
  • 11” wide blade
  • 6 tines with each tine being 3.5” long
  • Comes with a 48” straight hardwood handle for excellent leverage and push/pull ability

This simple, yet versatile, tool was originally developed for the forest service but was quickly adopted by gardeners and landscapers alike. The uniquely shaped head accomplishes many different tasks including raking, grading, scraping, grubbing and tamping.

The oversized tines dig deep into soil and can loosen even hard-packed soils. The flat edges of the blade can be used as scraping tools or for spreading soil over an area. Incorporating this tool removes the need for a rake, hoe, tamper and scraper.

Unit Ship Weight: 6 lbs

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