Megavent Automatic Vent Opener - Lifts Up To 26 lbs

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Temperature activated window opener designed for medium sized windows. Automatically opens and closes windows or vents as the temperature rises and falls. Lifts practically any window up to 26.45 lbs.

Megavent Automatic Vent Opener



  • Automatic device opens vents or windows when the temperature gets too hot
  • Spring loaded opener will pull the vent or window closed as the temperature falls
  • Lifts up to 26.45 lbs
  • Opening temperature range: 62.6°F - 77°F (adjustable)
  • Low profile design is far less intrusive than other vent openers
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum construction
  • Maximum opening stroke: 15.74 inches
  • Opener remains in the window frame regardless of opening position
  • Brackets included

The Megavent is an automatic window or vent opener that requires very little maintenance. It helps to regulate the temperature in your greenhouse by automatically opening a window or vent as soon as the temperture reaches a certain point. The Megavent lifts up to 26.45 lbs and is ideal for most windows or vents. The durable aluminum construction is lightweight and corrosion resistant for use in greenhouses, barns, sheds, attics and more. 

The Megavent requires no batteries or power source and is completely controlled by the temperature of your building. It can save your plants during unexpected heat waves and then close vents back up as the temperature falls. The opening temperature is adjustable between 62.6°F and 77°F for plant-specific temperature changes. This opener is easy to install and includes the brackets and screws needed for installation on most frames and vents.


Unit Ship Weight: 4 lbs

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