Metallic Plastic Mulch 1.25 mil Smooth w/ Black Stripe (4ft x 2400ft)

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Metallic plastic mulch helps to control weeds, retain soil moisture, and reflect light back onto plants. It also has been found to confuse insects and help to repel them from plants.

Metallic Plastic Mulch 1.25 mil Smooth w/ Black Stripe (4’ x 2400’)



  • Provides excellent weed protection
  • 8" wide black stripe down the center of the film is beneficial for young plants needing warmer soil temperatures
  • It is theorized that the reflected light disorients insects, making them retreat away from plants
  • Prevents weeds from growing nearby plants by blocking light
  • Keeps soil warmer
  • Reduces soil moisture evaporation
  • Easy to install film is flexible and stretchable
  • Easy field removal
  • Economically priced for large scale production

This 1.25 mil metallic plastic mulch not only suppresses weeds and retains moisture but helps to reflect light back up onto plants, increasing growth potential and helping to scare insects. Metallic mulch reflects light back up onto plants in multiple random directions which is theorized to scare or confuse insects in the vacinity. 


This film has an 8" strip of black plastic running down the center of the metallic film which helps to increase the soil temperature around younger plants. Metallic mulch is a somewhat specialized film and should be used on a trial basis to determine whether it is the correct choice for you.


This film is easy to install as it can be rolled out over uneven terrain or over unusually shaped raised beds. It is easy to remove after the growing season as it is lightweight and can be easily rolled back up. It is easily cut and durable enough for double cropping in the same season or for potential use over 2 seasons.


Unit Ship Weight: 52 lbs 

Installation Tips:

  • Prepare soil well so that it is smooth and friable
  • Do not lay plastic on dry soil
  • Plastic should be in close contact with the soil for maximum heat transfer into the soil
  • Be sure the edges of the plastic are well secured with soil
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