Microbe Life Nitrogen Supplement for Plants (32 oz)

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This nitrogen supplement is a readily available source of nitrogen for plants. It promotes excellent vegetative and structural growth and is an easy to use liquid supplement for indoor and outdoor plants.

Microbe Life Nitrogen Supplement for Plants (32 oz)




  • Concentrated nitrogen source for plant growth
  • Designed to prevent or solve nitrogen deficiencies
  • Promotes vegetative and structural plant growth in vegetables and other plants
  • Phosphate-free formula
  • Easy to use liquid supplement is great for indoor and outdoor plants

This nitrogen supplement is designed to prevent and cure nitrogen deficiencies in plants. It is a concentrated nitrogen source that is readily available for plant use. Some symptoms of low nitrogen include lack of vegetative growth and pale, light green leaves.


This supplement can be used with indoor and outdoor plants to solve these issues and promote healthy plant growth. The formula is phosphate free to avoid changing closely controlled nutrient levels. This nitrogen supplement is ideal for vegetables and practically any other plant and can be used with indoor and outdoor growing.


NOTE: This item cannot be shipped to Louisiana, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, or Wisconsin.


Unit Ship Weight: 3 lbs

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