Microbe Life Vegetable & Fruit Yield Enhancer (1 Gal.)

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This vegetable and fruit yield enhancer provides live, beneficial microbes that improve the nutrient uptake abilities of plants. It includes trace minerals and humic acids that help the plant to produce bigger and better yields.

Microbe Life Vegetable & Fruit Yield Enhancer (1 Gal.)




  • Contains life, beneficial microbes
  • Enhances nutrient uptake and improves vegetable and fruit yields
  • Provides a balance to your media structure
  • Lignin content provides the food source to feed the microbes around the root zone
  • Contains trace minerals in a readily available form
  • Contains high levels of rare earth humic acids to improve the uptake of heavier nutrients
  • Safe for use around people, pets and wildlife
  • Improves the efficiency of existing fertilizers in use

Microbe Life Vegetable and Fruit Enhancer is a unique soil conditioning supplement that is derived from a rare and highly decomposed organic humus deposit. It provides a healthier soil structure and improves the ability for plants to absorb nutrients. This formula contains live, beneficial microbes that go to work in the root zone to make nutrients more available for use by plants.


It also includes a food source to feed these microbes and to promote a healthy root zone. This formula contains a high level of the rare earth humic acids which help the plant to take in heavier nutrients that it would otherwise struggle with. The result is improved nutrient uptake which allows the plants to create higher quality fruits and vegetables as well as improved overall growth.


NOTE: This item cannot be shipped to California, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, or Wisconsin. 


Unit Ship Weight: 9 lbs

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