Microbe Life Vitamin & Amino Acid Growing Supplement (1 Gal.)

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This supplement includes a variety of micronutrients, vitamins and Amino acids to promote healthy growth and better nutrient uptake. It also include beneficial microbes to improve nutrient and water uptake.

Microbe Life Vitamin & Amino Acid Growing Supplement (1 Gal.)




  • Contains a blend of all essential micronutrients and minerals for many fruits, vegetables and other crops
  • Contains Amino acids which are the true building blocks of all proteins
  • Provides plants with a readily available source for micronutrients that are often lacking
  • Includes active beneficial microbes that aid plants in nutrient uptake and root zone health
  • Amino acids help to chelate molecules of nutrients, and make them available for plant use, during all stages of plant development
  • Great for hydroponic or soil based growing
  • Improves plant healthy and yield potential
  • NPK ratio: 0-0-0.1

This growing supplement provides an easily utilized source of various micronutrients and amino acids that are beneficial for plant growth. Also included within this supplement are beneficial microbes that help to improve the uptake of water and nutrients into plant roots. The Amino Acids included with this supplement help to chelate essential nutrients for improved utilization by plants.


They also help plants with stresses and are essential for the production of proteins. Using this supplement provides plants with micronutrients, vitamins and Amino Acids that might otherwise hinder plant growth and yield production. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor growing and can be used with hydroponic or soil based growing operations.


NOTE: This item cannot be shipped to the following locations: California, Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Michigan, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, or Wisconsin.


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