Mini GEN Water Cooled CO2 Generator – Liquid Propane

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This carbon dioxide generator burns liquid propane and is water cooled. This removes most of the heat produced and allows for safer placement in small growing areas.

Mini GEN Water Cooled CO2 Generator – Liquid Propane


  • Produces supplemental carbon dioxide gas to increase plant growth and yields
  • Water cooled design doesn’t radiate heat like many air cooled generators
  • Water cooling is capable of removing most of the heat produced by burning propane
  • Can be used on a closed loop with a small chiller and reservoir for even better cooling results
  • It can be connected to a home water supply where the water can be reused or stored
  • Compact unit size can be hung or wall-mounted anywhere in a growing area
  • Can be used with or without water cooling

This liquid cooled carbon dioxide generator uses water cooling to keep the unit cooler and safer. Water has a great capacity for heat removal and this versatile system can be run with multiple water sources. The small size of this generator make it ideal for small growing areas.

Supplemental carbon dioxide can increase the growth rate and yields of plants as they need CO2 for healthy growth. Some growing areas can become saturated with oxygen and need supplemental CO2 to bring the levels back into healthy ranges. Increasing the CO2 levels from normal air ranges can increase plant growth even more, with an optimal carbon dioxide level of 1500 ppm.

This system is a new way to produce carbon dioxide with the ease and efficiency of burning propane while still keeping temperatures in check. The water cooling system removes most of the heat produced and keeps growing areas from becoming too hot. It can be placed more closely to plants than traditional air cooled generators.


  • Small size: 6" x 7" x 10"
  • 1,250 BTU an hour
  • 1.5 cubic feet per hour of CO2 output
  • Anti-tip sensor
  • Electronic ignition
  • No pilot light
  • Chain hang or wall mount
  • Includes 12' propane hose and regulator

Unit Ship Weight: 10 lbs

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