Modified Morgan Universal Extraction Solution Kit (35 Tests)

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The Modifed Morgan Universal Extraction Solution kit has all the items needed to create a soil extract for chemical and meter testing. Contains 500ml Morgan Extract, test tubes, filter paper, funnel and soil scoop.

Modified Morgan Universal Extraction Solution Kit (35 Tests)

This kit contains all the items you will need to create a soil extract that you can use with your Ion meters and Lamotte chemical test kits.

Kit contains:

  • 500ml Modified Morgan Universal Extraction Solution
  • Qty 4 - Test tube with cap (0704)
  • Qty 35 - Filter paper (0465)
  • Test tube funnel (0459)
  • 0.5g Soil measuring scoop

The Modifed Morgan Universal Extraction Solution is the standard soil extracting solution for many professional soil labs and universities for finding the nutrients that will dissolve and be available for your plants.

The extraction solution was developed at the University of Connecticut in the 1930's for use on acidic New England soils. Most New England State Universities including University of Maine and Cornell University still use the (modified) Morgan extract. The Morgan extract is a "universal" extractant, meaning all major nutrients (including phosphorus) and many micronutrients can all be measured in the one extract.

A single extraction procedure, using Morgan Universal Extraction Solution, provides the liquid soil extract for all the nutrient tests with the exception of chloride, which is extracted with demineralized water.

For Lamotte Chemical test kits, Colorimetric test methods are used for most test factors. Tests for calcium, sulfate and chlorides are based on turbidity measurements. Potassium analysis also employs a turbidity measurement, using a unique reading device designed in LaMotte laboratories to read directly in pounds per acre.

Extraction Procedure

The following extraction procedure uses *Universal Extracting Solution (5173PS) to produce a single soil extract which is used in all of the following lamotte chemical soil tests: nitrate nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, nitrite nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfate, aluminum, iron, and manganese.

The pH, chloride, humus, and plant tissue tests use extraction procedures described in the individual instructions for those tests. The extraction tubes (0704) are marked at 7 and 14 mL. The instructions below assume that a number of tests will be performed with the general soil extract. Therefore 14 mL of extracting solution and two level measures of the soil sample are called for in steps 1 & 2. If only a single test is to be performed (e.g., nitrate nitrogen), fill the extraction tube to the 7 mL line (step 1) and add only one level measure of the soil sample (step 2).

1. Fill an Extraction Tube (0704) to the 14 mL line with *Universal Extracting Solution (5173PS).
2. Use the plastic soil measure (0819) to add two level measures of the soil sample. Cap and shake for one minute.
3. Use a piece of filter paper (0465) and a plastic funnel (0459) to filter the soil suspension into a second extraction tube (0704). (Fold the filter paper in half and then in half again to form a cone which is fitted into the funnel.) The filtrate in the second extraction tube is the general soil extract for use in the 11 individual test procedures listed previously.

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