Moss Killer Concentrate (4 gallons)

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This moss killer concentrate quickly and easily kills all kinds of moss on sidewalks, bricks, patios, roofs and anywhere else. Works overnight, allowing you to sweep moss away the next day.

Moss Killer Concentrate (4 gallons)

For use on sidewalks, patios, shingles on rooftops, bricks, decks and anywhere else moss can grow. One gallon of moss killer can treat up to 2,400 square feet and kills moss overnight. Simply spray directly onto bricks, concrete, patios, anywhere that moss is growing and simply sweep away the moss the next morning.

Made from natural essential oils and soap and is safe to use around ponds and streams. This unique formula won't stain or damage bricks or concrete and is a gentle and natural way to remove moss.

Unit Ship Weight: 35 lbs

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