Myco Madness Soluble Powder (8 oz)

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This soluble powder contains beneficial bacteria, mycorrhizae and trichoderma. It improves the nutrient and moisture uptake abilities of plants and enhances the health of root zones. Great for soil and soilless growing media.

Myco Madness Soluble Powder (8 oz)




  • Biologically active soluble powder contains:
    • 9 mycorrhizal species
    • 15 beneficial bacteria species
    • 2 trichoderma species
  • Ideal for soil and other soilless growing medias
  • Mycorrhizal fungi colonizes plant roots extending the root system and increasing surface area
  • Allows for improved absorption of nutrients and moisture
  • Creates an essential link between plant roots, organic matter, and fertilizers of all kinds
  • Provides a healthier root zone
  • Helps to digest organic material and provide plants with an ideal food source

Myco Madness is a superior combination of beneficial microbes that improve nutrient and moisture uptake and root zone health. Included are beneficial bacteria, mycorrhizae and trichoderma, all together in an easily soluble powder form.


This mixture can be used with soils and soilless growing media and is great for strengthening root systems in any media. The mycorrizal fungi species colonize plant roots and effectively increase root surface area. This allows plants to reach out and absorb more nutrients and moisture, increasing plant growth and yield production.


Note: Not for sale in Hawaii.


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