Neutralize Tank Cleaner 2 lbs Powdered

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This tank cleaner removes potentially harmful residues from pesticides and other chemicals. It makes tanks usable for irrigation again.

Neutralize Tank Cleaner 2 lbs Powdered


  • Powerful and safe way to remove pesticide residues
  • Effectively cleans and removes residues which can be harmful to crops
  • Cleans residues left by 2, 4-Ds and sulfonylureas- residues which are hard to remove and extremely active at low rates
  • Non-corrosive to humans
  • Safe to use on all internal and external areas of spraying systems
  • Helps prevent damage to rubber, plastic and other soft sprayer components
  • 1 lb of dry cleaner mixes with 100 gallons of water

This tank cleaner is designed to make tanks safe to use again after use with pesticides and other harmful chemicals. It removes harmful residues and trace amounts of potentially harmful chemicals. It helps to increase the lifespan of sprayers and sprayer components as it removes potentially damaging elements.

1 lb of this dry cleaner mixes with 100 gallons of water to effectively clean tanks of all shapes, sizes and makes. After a thorough cleaning with the Neutralize Tank Cleaner the tank can be used for irrigation and other tasks which would have otherwise been unthinkable.

Unit Ship Weight: 3 lbs

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