Never-Tip Mini Sprinkler Tower

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This sprinkler tower has five 19 inch long legs which make it extremely stable. Topped with a heavy duty sprinkler head that sprays 34 feet at 25 psi. Great for use in gardens.

Never-Tip Mini Sprinkler Tower

This sprinkler tower is made with five, 19 inch long legs. This design is lower to the ground than other models and its 5 leg design makes it extremely hard to tip over. The sprinkler tower design is a great way to increase a sprinklers effectiveness, especially when dealing with larger plants or gardens which need water coming in from a higher angle.

This design is portable and easy to set up. Simply fold out the legs, attach your hose and turn on the water and you're watering. Comes with a heavy duty impact sprinkler head which is adjustable from a 90 degree watering section to a 360 degree circle.

This sprinkler will spray 34 feet at 25 psi and even further at higher water pressures. This tower prevents the sprinkler from shooting water into the sides of plants, potentially damaging them. Starting the sprinkler up high leads to a gentler rain on top of your plants.


  • 5 Leg Design
  • Leg Length: 19"
  • Overall Height (With Sprinkler Head): 22"
  • Sprays in 68' Diameter Circle
  • Thin Legs For Thick Vegetation
  • Adjustable Spray Circle
  • Standard Hose Fittings

Unit Ship Weight: 10 lbs

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