Nupla Fiberglass Handled Heavy Duty Round Point Shovel

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This shovel comes with an incredibly strong and lightweight fiberglass reinforced composite handle. With power pylon attached blade there are no weak links to this heavy duty round point shovel.

Nupla Fiberglass Handled Heavy Duty Round Point Shovel

This is one of the strongest spades on earth. Made with a fiberglass reinforced composite and power pylon handle attached to a rugged steel round point blade. This handle features the latest in fiberglass technology and has 40% more strength than the competitors.

This shovel features power pylon fusion between the handle and the blade, which is derived from aerospace technology, and which eliminates the need for any rivets- the "weak link" in most shovels.

This shovel comes with a large sized blade and gives you the best load bearing abilities out there. This handle will not splinter, shatter, conduct electricity or absorb any chemicals. Non reactive and extremely strong for any job you have for it.


  • Handle: 48", Fiberglass Reinforced Composite and Power Pylon
  • Blade: Round Point Steel
  • Blade Dimensions: 9" x 11"
  • Weather/Chemical Proof Handle
  • High Capacity Blade
  • Large Forward Step
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs

 Unit Ship Weight: 6 lbs

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