Nut Wizard Nut Retriever

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This simple and effective tool features a wire basket that simply rolls over nuts and picks them up in the process. With a 4 foot handle this makes picking up nuts a breeze.

Nut Wizard Nut Retriever

The nut wizard easily picks up nuts by simply rolling over them. The wire cage picks up and captures the nuts inside. To empty the nut wizard simply spread the wires and the nuts come tumbling out. You can also use the optional wire dumper to empty the nuts straight into a barrel or 5 gallon bucket.

Simply attach the dumper to a 5 gallon bucket, place the nut wizard over the wire dumper and turn. The nuts will fall straight into the bucket. This simple and ingenious rolling wire ball design is attached to a 4 foot wooden handle. This nut wizard size is great for picking up hickory nuts, pecans, large acorns etc.


  • Basket Size: 7 1/4" Wide, 5 3/4" Deep
  • Handle: 4' Wooden
  • Widest Point: 10 1/4"
  • Great For Hickory Nuts, Pecans, Large Acorns etc.

Unit Ship Weight: 3 lbs

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