Organic Kelp Large Animal Food Nutrient 12 lb. Bucket

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This organic kelp meal is ground into granular sized pieces, which are great for mixing into grains and animal feeds. This provides essential nutrients and minerals to animals.

Organic Kelp Large Animal Food Nutrient 12 lb. Bucket

vitaminsea_farm_SKelp meal is a natural organic supplement providing many health benefits to both small and large animals. Consider it their vitamin pill, improving overall health and performance of animals. Kelp is an excellent free choice animal feed supplement. The animals will eat the kelp when their bodies are depleted of the nutrients and minerals needed, and leave it alone when they don't need it. It will keep the animals very healthy and calm.

Ascophyllum Nodosum, or Norwegian Kelp, is one of the most popular and most studied seaweeds in the world, and has been found to be highly beneficial in agriculture. This seaweed grows in the cold waters of the Northern Atlantic and is harvested offshore, removing the possibility of contaminants that are found in seaweed that has washed up on shore. This cold water helps to lock in the nutrients that are so beneficial to both plants and animals.

This organic kelp meal contains a multitude of naturally occurring compounds that influence various plant biochemical processes, leading to increased protein and enzyme synthesis, improved cell water retention and membrane integrity.

Large Animal Benefits

  • Better digestion
  • Healthier skin and coat
  • Increased healing from injuries
  • Fewer parasites
  • Brighter eyes
  • Better growth rate
  • Better reproductive performance
  • More weight gain on less feed
  • Increases butterfat in milk
  • Fewer problems caused by dietary difficulties
    (milk fever, mastitis, infertility)
  • Increases hemoglobin content in blood
  • Reduces mortality
  • Increases birth rate
  • Increases egg production
  • Strengthens shells
  • Reduces cracked hooves

Daily Uses:

Dairy and Beef Cattle 2-4 oz.
Chickens/Poultry 1-2% of Feed Ration
Goats and Sheep 1/2 oz.
Horses 1/2 - 1 oz.
Mix thoroughly into food/grain.

Unit Ship Weight: 12.5 lbs

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