Permaflect Highly Reflective Reinforced Film 25ft x 4.5ft

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This durable material is highly reflective and can be wiped clean to keep it reflective for years. It can be wrapped over almost any surface and is great for floors or tables.

Permaflect Highly Reflective Reinforced Film 25’ x 4.5'


  • Can be wiped clean for long-lasting reflectivity
  • Giant roll width of 54”
  • Highly reflective
  • Reinforced for long lasting durability
  • Great for wall and floor covering
  • Mesh texture increases light diffusion
  • Easy to cut and wraps easily around odd shapes and corners

This reflective material is designed with reflectivity and longevity in mind. It is reinforced with a mesh that not only makes it stronger but provides natural diffusion of the reflected light. Diffused light decreases hot spots and provides more uniform light distribution.

This material is flexible, durable and can be wrapped around corners, wrapped over tabletops, used on floors,  and practically anywhere else. A full 6” wider than most other brands, it can be used as a divider between plants or between sections of grow rooms, or as a radiant energy blocker to keep warmer temperatures in. Additionally, this material can be wiped clean if splashed with dirt or dust without harming the material unlike traditional mylar.

Unit Ship Weight: 5 lbs

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