Phat Pre-Filter for Carbon Air Filters 39in x 12in (Pack of 5)

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The pre-filter is great for removing larger air particles such as dust, pollen, hair and more before they reach the carbon air filter. It also increases the lifespan of carbon filters.

Phat Pre-Filter for Carbon Air Filters 39” x 12” (Pack of 5)


  • Replaces used pre-filters
  • Gives the Phat Air Filter a longer life by filtering out larger impurities before they get a chance to clog the carbon air filter
  • Removes larger particles such as dust, dirt, hair and more
  • Fits snugly over the corresponding Phat Filter
  • Available in all Phat Filter sizes and is easily slid over the filter and secured with the plastic straps that are provided
  • Contains: 5 pre-filters and 10 plastic straps

The Phat Pre-Filter is designed to snugly slide over an existing Phat carbon air filter. A pre-filter helps to remove larger air particles such as dust, dirt, hair, pollen and other impurities before they have a chance to reach the carbon filter inside.

Each pre-filter comes with 2 plastic straps to secure it to the filter. All sizes of the Phat Air Filters come with corresponding pre-filters that are designed to snugly fit around the outside of the air filter.

This pre-filter increases the lifespan of an activated carbon filter by protecting the carbon from larger particles which would block air flow and carbon surface area. The pre-filter is an inexpensive way to extend the lifespan of more expensive carbon air filters. When a pre-filter becomes dirty or discolored it is time to replace it.

Unit Ship Weight: 5 lbs

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