Phytotronics Misting Kit, 75' with 1/2” PVC

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These Misting Kits have everything you will need to set up an effective misting system in your greenhouse. Each kit comes complete with pre-drilled PVC piping, cement, wire, valves, filters, nozzles and PVC fittings. 

Phytotronics Misting Kit, 75' with 1/2” PVC


  • Everything you need to set up a misting system
  • ½ inch or ¾ inch size piping
  • From 25 feet to 150 feet in length
  • Includes pre-drilled PVC piping
  • Convenient
  • Money saving
  • High quality and long lasting components
  • Water your greenhouse more effectively

These misting kits from Phytotronics are filled with everything you will need to set up an effective ½ inch or ¾ inch misting system in your greenhouse. Since there are a variety of kits available you will be able to find the perfect kit for the size of your greenhouse. For convenience we recommend combining these kits with a high quality misting controller for automatic operation of your misting system once it is installed.

There are 6 different kit sizes available. In the ½ inch selection we offer kits that can accommodate 25 feet, 50 feet or 75 feet of misting. These kits are ideal for smaller greenhouses. Larger greenhouses will benefit from the ¾ inch kits that offer lengths of 100 feet, 125 feet or 150 feet. Each kit comes complete with pre-drilled PVC piping and everything else that you will for installation including cement, wire, solenoids, filters, nozzles and PVC fittings. Each kit also includes a set of detailed installation instructions. With these easy to follow instructions almost anyone can set up a misting system of their own in just a few hours. These kits are designed to cover misting benches that are anywhere from 4 to 6 foot in length.

One great reason to purchase these kits is the convenience. It can be difficult to round up all the components needed for a misting system installation and this kit makes it simple. You won’t have to worry about forgetting an important item and having to re-order or run out to the store while you are installing. These kits can also save you money compared to price of buying each item separately. Plus since they are made by Phytotronics you will know that they are filled with high quality and long lasting components.

A misting system is a great choice for any greenhouse. It will help you to get each plant the water that it needs in a gentle and easy manner. When used with a controller a misting system will really reduce the amount of time that you need to spend caring for your greenhouse plants. These misting kits are one of the easiest ways to get a misting system of your own up and running. 

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