Phytotronics T3A 1-Zone Programmable Misting Controller

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The Trident T3A Single Zone Controller is a great controller that is easy to program and can be set to have periods of 2-60 seconds or minutes of misting with 2-180 minutes or hours of off time between cycles.

Phytotronics Trident T3A 1-Zone Programmable Misting & Irrigation Controller


  • Non-metallic UV protected housing
  • Moisture and chemical resistant
  • Easy to install
  • Reliable
  • 1 zone of misting control
  • Variable on/off cycles
  • 8 programmable events
  • Extra bright LED display
  • Comprehensive user manual

If you are looking for a high quality and dependable single zone misting control system for your greenhouse watering/irrigation system the Trident T3A 1 Zone Controller is a great choice. It comes housed in a durable and long lasting non-metallic enclosure that is specifically designed to resist moisture and the various chemicals that might be present in your greenhouse. It is also UV protected which will keep enclosure from degrading or cracking after prolonged sun exposure. You will find that this unit is easy to use and install and that it is a reliable choice for all of your misting control needs.

This unit has 1 zone of misting control so it is an ideal choice for a greenhouse where a consistent level of misting and humidity is desired. Since it has 1 zone of control it is a great choice for those just starting out or that are looking for a model that is easy to program and use. Programming will just take a few minutes and the controller can be set to have periods of 2-60 seconds or minutes of misting with 2-180 minutes or hours of off time between cycles. This will give you the flexibility to determine a misting schedule that is ideal for your greenhouse and plants. The unit allows for 8 programmable events (periods of on and off time) which will provide complete programming flexibility. This unit can also be controlled manually if you desire.

One feature that we really appreciate about this model is the extra bright LEDs. This makes it easy to see the LED indicators as you program your unit and when it is in operation. You will find that these bright LEDs make it easy to see at a glance what your system is doing and how it is programmed. It also has a convenient toggle switch that will allow you to quickly select between various programming commands on the unit.

Each unit comes with a comprehensive user manual that will instruct you on installation, programming and use of this misting controller. The instructions are easy to follow and installation is much simpler with this unit than with many other misting controllers. We find that this model is an all-around great choice for those looking for an easy to use single zone misting controller.

Unit ship weight: 8 Lbs

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