Phytotronics Water Plus 12-Zone Irrigation Controller

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The Water Plus VPD is a misting controller that allows you to regulate your irrigation at the touch of a button. Includes a VPD sensor that monitors the environment and helps to automate your misting.

Phytotronics Water Plus VPD Watering & Misting Controller


  • Effective VPD sensor
  • 12 independent zones of control
  • Night sensor
  • Controls watering and misting functions
  • Large, easy to see LCD display
  • Non-metallic enclosure with clear locking cover
  • Straightforward Installation
  • Automatic and Manual Control Available

The Water Plus VPD is a misting controller that will allow you to regulate your greenhouse watering and misting needs with just the push of a button. It includes all of the great features of the Water Max system as well as a sensitive and effective VPD (Vapor Pressure Deficit) sensor. This sensor will monitor the temperature in your greenhouse, the humidity and the plant temperatures and will adjust your misting times accordingly. This will help you to avoid wasting water and to stabilize the humidity levels in your greenhouse. A VPD sensor will help your plants to prosper without you having to spend the time to do the monitoring yourself.

The Water Plus VPD offers 12 zones of control. Each of these zones can be independently programed with operation times, watering days and repeat functions. In addition you will appreciate the added convenience of a night sensor which automatically shut your system off during the night hours. It has a built in 24 hour clock that is easy to program and easy to use toggle switches.  The system can control both watering and misting functions.

We love the large LCD display of this unit. The large size makes it easy to program and you will be able to easily see what is happening with your system with just a quick glance. We also love that this unit is housed in a durable, non-metallic enclosure. It is lockable so you can protect your settings even when you are out of the greenhouse. Plus the clear plastic cover makes it easy to see the display even when the case is locked.

Installation is straightforward and fairly simple. Each misting controller comes with an easy to read and understand installation and programming manual. You will be able to get your system up and running quickly. If you prefer not to program your unit it offers manual control functions as well.

The Water Plus VPD is an affordable way to bring the convenience of a VPD sensor into your greenhouse. This misting controller is long lasting and effective with many useful features. It is a great choice for your greenhouse.

Unit ship weight: 6 Lbs

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