Phytotronics Water Pro VPD 12-Zone Irrigation Controller

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12-zone irrigation controller with VPD environmental sensoring and remote monitoring and control functionality using Growlink software.

Phytotronics Water Pro VPD 12-Zone Irrigation Controller


  • VPD sensor automatically monitors humidity, temperature and plant moisture levels
  • 12 independently controlled misting stations
  • Able to control misting and watering functions
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Easy to understand user guide
  • Remote monitoring and control with optional Growlink Software
  • Nighttime disable
  • Transformer and power cord included

The Water Pro VPD misting controller is a high powered and adaptive misting controller that will control all of your greenhouse watering and misting needs. This controller has a VPD (Vapor Pressure Deficient) control which will automatically adjust to changes in vapor pressure. This sensor will detect the air temperature, humidity and plant temperature to adjust watering times. For example if the air in the greenhouse is hot and dry your controller will adjust and shorten the off time of the misting controller. On the other hand if your greenhouse air is cooler and moist the VPD sensor will instruct the unit to increase the off time and therefore decrease the amount of watering or misting. This will help to create an optimal and stable humidity level in your greenhouse and will help your plants to prosper.

This misting controller can control as many as 12 independent misting/watering stations. It is also expandable to 24 watering zones, so this controller will work well even if your greenhouse is very large. It is fairly easy to install and comes with a complete user and installation manual to help you as you get started with this controller.

Another unique feature of the Water Pro VPD is the ability to monitor and control your misting controller remotely. You can connect this controller to a remote PC that has the optional Growlink software installed and monitor the VPD sensor data for almost anywhere. Additionally you can operate the controller remotely allowing you to control your greenhouse without always having to be on site.

Each of the 12 stations can be programmed independently. It offers timed operations as well and features a reliable internal digital clock. You can set each station with operation times, specific watering days and can even create repeat functions.

This controller also offers a night disable feature, crop aging adjustments and an end of schedule alarm. It is very reliable and will effectively control all of your misting and irrigation needs. It also includes a 24V transformer and a power cord. The entire controller is housed in a durable non-metallic case with a locking cover. If you need a comprehensive misting controller with many available features the Water Pro VPD is a great choice.

Unit ship weight: 6 Lbs

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