Plant Success Granular Root Bio-Stimulant (5 lbs)

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This granular mycorrhizal root stimulant includes multiple forms of beneficial microbes. They colonize plant roots and improve nutrient and water uptake in plants. Increases flowering and fruiting and promotes extensive root growth.

Plant Success Granular Root Bio-Stimulant (5 lbs)




  • Contains 13 carefully selected mycorrhizal fungi, tricoderma species, and bacterial species
  • Well suited to a variety of soils, climates, and plants
  • Beneficial mycorrhizal fungi colonizes plant roots and improves nutrient and water uptake
  • Includes kelp meal, humus, vitamins, and amino acids
  • Increases the surface area of roots and effectively creates a link between plant and soil
  • Plants enjoy improved nutrient and water uptake and superior field performance
  • Reduces drought stress and water and fertilizer needs
  • Increases plant flowering and fruiting
  • Promotes an extensive root system as well as improved soil structure

Plant Success Granular is a mixture that includes multiple beneficial microbes along with kelp meal, humus, vitamins, and amino acids. The microorganisms improve the plants ability to take-in water and nutrients as they colonize the root surfaces. The surface area of the root is effectively increased, allowing plants to absorb water and nutrients in a more efficient way.


The plants utilize existing nutrients more efficiently and they become more resistant to drought as they have improved moisture storing abilities. The plants become better “linked” to the soil they are planted in and enjoy superior growth and performance. Plant Success Granular can be banded under seed, worked into seed beds, placed under cuttings, blended into potting soil, or sprinkled near roots at transplant time in order to make contact with the plant roots.


Application Rates:


  • Agriculture/Restoration: Inoculum can be banded in rows or side-dressed before or during planting at 40 pounds per acre. Use 80 pounds per acre to broadcast or rototill before planting.

  • Nurseries: Inoculum can be mixed in planting soil before/during filling cavities, pots, and trays. May be mixed with mechanical equipment that allows passage of ¼ inch (7 mm) or larger particles. For propagation use 5 pounds per cubic yard.

  • Turf: Apply during installation or aerification of turf. Use 2 pounds per 1000 sq. ft.

  • Planting: Apply in furrow 1 teaspoon per row foot; cuttings-1/2 teaspoon under each cutting, potted transplants- Use 2-3 tablespoons per gallon planting size. Ball and Burlap plantings use 2 to 3 ounces per inch of stem caliper.

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